As the firm continues to grow, Spencer retires and Dick Giolando takes over as President, bringing in Art Boren and Lee Darling.


President Bill Spencer, center, helping demo the new building in Alhambra to prepare the new office space.


Dick Giolando (left) is brought in as Vice President.


PBI breaks a milestone for the company in performing $1.3 million dollars in contract revenue – the first time the company exceeded the $1m dollar mark.William “Bill” Spencer transitions to President and brings in Dick Giolando as Vice President.


President Bill Spencer realized that Pacific Luminaire did not accurately describe the services the company had grown to provide as a general building contractor. As such, Pacific Building Interiors (PBI) was formed. PBI grew as rapidly as the relationships with their clients grew, and the company upgraded to a larger building in Alhambra, CA.