Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an intuitive, 3D modeling process that helps architects, engineers, contractors, and clients envision and efficiently plan and manage any size project. Through BIM, we are able to make clear, detailed models of a project to help clients envision the finished look, manage project costs, and synthesize the many steps that make a project happen. Digitizing a construction site helps connect project information through every step, from design through to construction and hand-off.


By offering pre-construction services as a general contractor, we’ll be with your project every step of the way. Pre-construction includes overall project evaluations, initial schematic designs, initial budget estimates, value engineer, and site analysis. Not only are these are cost-saving opportunities that set a project up for success before the first ground-breaking, there’s no time or information lost in the transition into an active construction site. Pre-construction helps the overall construction project to flow smoothly, ensuring that projects remain on time and on budget.


Safety is our culture. Safety is our expertise. Safety is our process.

As builders, we are proud that our safety standards and procedures ensure that every worker, visitor, designer, and client can feel confident and safe at PNG’s project sites. We go to great lengths to create safe, clean and organized sites—leading to a higher quality of work. When procedures are implemented to eliminate risks and hazards at projects, the workmanship naturally meets a high standard; and when tradesmen feel safe working at our projects, we are able to meet our competitive productivity goals. Because of our rigorous safety standards, all PNG crew members can focus on maintaining the schedule and achieving milestones, rather than worrying about falling debris.

We prioritize safety above all else because, at PNG, safety means success.


PNG’s full service to its clients is based in great part upon our self-performance capabilities. Through our sister company Pacific Systems Interiors (PSI), we are able to make the vast experience of over 200 Union Carpenters available to our clients, with the same high-quality standards provided by and expected of PNG.Our in-house PSI personnel specialize in a variety of areas including drywall & framing, acoustic ceilings, painting, sound paneling, wall protection, equipment anchorage, infection control measures, NPC seismic upgrades, selective millwork, and selective electrical. Self-performing these trades allows PNG to ensure quality control over all our projects. Our clients benefit from both the expertise of PSI’s personnel, as well as a seamless interaction between PSI and PNG. For our clients, this means a quality finished project and complete satisfaction.

Facilities Improvements

In addition to our larger projects, we have a dedicated team to address smaller and detailed projects to help our clients achieve their construction needs and goals. PNG Builders is fortunate to maintain partnerships with many iconic, long-term clients including Cedars-Sinai, NBCUniversal, Nordstrom, and Boeing. Because of our long-lasting partnerships, we are able to offer facility maintenance for our clients by establishing a consistent daily presence of office and field staff through satellite offices.

Our satellite locations are designed to excel in occupied, high security, and fully-functioning environments including hospitals, theme parks, film studios, retail stores, and defense campuses. Our site teams are ready and able to perform a variety of maintenance functions, from the basic (including drywall access and restoration, installations, millwork, ADA ramps rework and repairs, wall protection measures) to the highly complex. No matter our clients’ needs, the PNG team is ready to bring value to your project through dedicated performance and continued, long-term business and collaboration.