Our medical-sector clients are some of our longest-standing customers. These partners choose PNG Builders time and again because we understand that when it comes to medical, getting it right can be life-changing.

Our Medical Projects


From new locations to active-site renovations, when it comes to retail, we’ve got you covered. We understand the needs of our retail clients aesthetically and practically. We offer the highest quality of construction, under any circumstances.

Our Retail Projects


If you need it, we can build it. The entertainment industry is, by necessity, ever-changing. From attractions to infrastructure, we understand what it takes behind the scenes to keep the show running.

Our Entertainment Projects


We specialize in campus-wide developments and maintenance. We understand that students need facilities that are well designed and maintained, so they can study, live, and grow in a safe and welcoming environment.

Our Education Projects


Dining development and renovations echo the careful balance of dining management. You need an inviting and practical space for guests, paired with an efficient and safe kitchen and back-of-house for staff. We can help with all of it.

Our Dining Projects


Aerospace is a highly-specialized industry that not all general contractors are equipped to work within. Our history and success in this sector puts us on the short-list of trusted companies ready to meet any needs in this challenging field.

Our Aerospace Projects

Creative & Office

Offices don’t have to be boring. Our clients are on the cutting-edge of their industries, and they need efficient and inspiring locations to help them succeed. From open-concept to specialized entertainment and creative spaces, PNG can make it work.

Our Creative & Office Projects


Technology’s infrastructure often goes unseen and unnoticed, but it’s part of what keeps our companies, schools, and hospitals running. Our clients rely on PNG, not only to keep the lights on, but to develop high-quality, dedicated spaces for their most important equipment.

Our Technology Projects


At PNG Builders, we understand that housing developments offer unique challenges and require a balance of durability, accessibility, and aesthetics. From ground-up builds to tenant improvements, we offer a range of services in the housing sector.

Our Housing Work