At PNG, we believe in “Coming Together, Working Together, Succeeding Together.”

We understand that through, structured, continued, adaptive, and collaborative training, PNG Builders can ensure generational and long-term success. That’s why we’re committed to offering comprehensive and wide-reaching training to all members of our team. Our Training Team has re-envisioned how we train at PNG, starting with an analysis of current training culture and implementing a strategic baseline, standardization, and library of training materials to prepare new employees and offer refresher and growth-oriented education for our current teammates. We created new training materials from scratch designed to benefit our team from a business, personal, and out-of-the-box perspective.

We’re continuing to develop our training, with work currently underway for an ABG University, where transitioning new employees into seasoned team members will be seamless, with clear onboarding and training, setting our new teammates up for immediate confidence, culture introduction, and success.


Every team performs better with a great coach. We challenge all of our team members to take a personal interest in the success of the team. Managers are matched with team members in formal mentorship relationships. These relationships span departments; for example, the CFO could coach successful project managers on the intricacies of construction finances, while project managers in turn regularly act as mentors to administrative and other staff.

PNG also conducts a formal executive mentorship program where high potential members are matched with the executive team. This affords team members one-on-one time with senior staff, as well as gives the executive staff a personal relationship with team members. We also engage with industry experts and management coaches to increase the ceiling of our staff. MAP Vital Factors Solutions engages with our employees several times a year in workshops and training sessions with a view towards developing management skills, trust, and other avenues of personal and professional development.

Vital Factor Teams

One of our core philosophies is to identify and continuously monitor our “vital factors”. Similar to a doctor monitoring your vitals, our teams work to ensure PNG’s vitals are in great shape. All team members participate in Vital Factor Teams (VFTs) dedicated to each of our company’s goals. As an employee-owned company, all members are asked to participate in two different teams: a Goals & Controls (G&C) VFT and a voluntary VFT. All teams consist of an executive lead and a cross-section of company employees.

The purpose of G&C teams is to set measurable, personal goals that will yield substantial results. The voluntary VFTs help better the company and our work culture in every facet by collaborating with fellow employees and utilizing team members’ skills and strengths. Since the inception of the VFT teams, the company has seen growth in revenue, personal development from its employees, and synergy throughout our company. These internal improvements can then be passed onto our clients by providing better service and production.


Pacific National Group is built on a foundation of equality, respect and trust. We promote an inclusive work environment guided by mutual respect and cooperation. “Diversity & Inclusion” is not only what we do, it’s who we are! For us, diversity is about recognizing that our differences are our greatest strength and then building an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome, valued, respected and supported. While we are proud of our diversity and the progress we have made, we recognize the opportunity ahead and continue to seek ways to improve as a company and as individuals.


At PNG, we believe in giving back to the communities in which we live and work. For us, that goes beyond charity golf events and volunteer hours at the local food bank (although we do those things too). To us, building community means choosing projects that give back—bringing our skills and know-how to the table to help our neighbors and communities thrive.
We’re proud to have had the opportunity to work on projects like renovating Sylmar Women Bridge Housing for victims of domestic violence, building and updating pediatric departments and services for area healthcare facilities, and most recently working with Fluence Energy to address the energy shortages in Western Los Angeles.