Formed by a partnership between Rob Bolster and William “Bill” Spencer, the corporation Pacific Luminaire received its humble beginnings as an Electrical and Specialty Contractor in Atawater Village, CA, that provided maintenance, repair, and installation.


President Bill Spencer realized that Pacific Luminaire did not accurately describe the services the company had grown to provide as a general building contractor. As such, Pacific Building Interiors (PBI) was formed. PBI grew as rapidly as the relationships with their clients grew, and the company upgraded to a larger building in Alhambra, CA.


PBI breaks a milestone for the company in performing $1.3 million dollars in contract revenue – the first time the company exceeded the $1m dollar mark.William “Bill” Spencer transitions to President and brings in Dick Giolando as Vice President.


Dick Giolando (left) is brought in as Vice President.


President Bill Spencer, center, helping demo the new building in Alhambra to prepare the new office space.


As the firm continues to grow, Spencer retires and Dick Giolando takes over as President, bringing in Art Boren and Lee Darling.


To accommodate a growing company and to reward hard work, the company initiates summer parties at the park. At this time, the company had grown to fifteen office employees and over forty field members.


Fluroscopy Laboratory at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center was one of PNG’s first projects on the campus, totaling $1M for one room.


PBI continues to thrive under the leadership of Dick, Art and Lee, and project revenue exceeds $25million for the first time in the companies short history.PBI gains momentum with finance and aerospace clientele.


In the mid-80’s, PBI begins to takeon general contracting work. Bank of America, formerly Security Pacific Bank, was a 20-floor restack and rebuild. This was one of the largest and earliest GC projects completed by PBI, led by then PM/Superinten-dent, Lee Darling


The name Pacific Systems Interiors is derived from the term, “Interior Systems.” Interior Systems are products that are manufactured as finished products, such as ceiling tiles – and then installed as a system. Other systems include Ultrawall, Classroom Wall, Cleanroom Wall, and acoustical ceiling systems.


Pomona Valley Hospital was the first project for Javier Acala, later to become president of PSI. The job was a lighting retrofit, relatively new at the time, replacing the ballast and the lamps in every light fixture in the hospital. NICU pictured as part of the scope.


Lee Darling (left) became COO and Art “Artie” Boren (right) became CFO of PBI in 1995.


Pacific Systems Interiors, led by Jon Miasnik, was formed as a subcontracting entity of carpentry and supervision trades, not just to serve PBI but to serve other select GCs and clients. Giolando retires leaving PBI to Art Boren and Lee Darling.


Art Boren, PBI president (left), Bob Wright, PBI Project Manager (left of center), Kelly McCann-Miller, client (right of center) and Jon Miasnik, PSI President (right).


PNG complete a data center for Motorola at the One Wilshire Building in Los Angeles, back when fiber optics was brand new.


Retired Dick Giolando pictured at a summer company party at Six Flags Magic Mountain


As the company continues to expand and take on more projects in the medical sector, it was decided that ”Interiors” in the PBI name was too limiting, subsequently leading to name Pacific National Group – PNG.


Combined company revenues exceed $100M for the first time, and a upon popular demand, a new logo rolls out for PNG.


Employees at the Open House event to celebrate the new building location in Irwindale.


Irwindale Headquarters As the company continues to expand, PNG moves to its current location in Irwindale.


Parsons Lobby Remodel – Rudy Goldhaber, Jon Miasnik, Bob Wright


Following Lee Darling’s retirement, Art Boren leads as president with Steve Mathison and Ciaran Barry as Vice Presidents.


PNG completes the complete refurbishment of the interior of High Bay 2 in Building 179 at JPL. The space is rated as a Class 100 Clean Room, displaying the high level of complexity and technical capabilities of PNG in executing contracts to the clients requirements and protocols.


Both PNG and PSI sell 100% of company ownership to American Business Group (ABG) – a 100% Employee Owned Trust. ABG would serve as the parent company for both PNG and PSI.


PNG adds entertainment to their portfolio with the addition of a prominent and confidential Southern California client. Construction included a 14 floor remodel of the clients corporate headquarters, as well as a number of projects throughout the entertainment campus.


Art Boren retires, with Steve Mathison leading as President and Ciaran Barry as COO.


Summer Picnic continues to grow in numbers as the company expands.


In 2017, PNG Builders completed a new ground-up Nordstrom in Century City. The new three-level store on top of an existing two-level underground parking structure had zero laydown space as it was between a movie theater and adjacent business.


The company donates over $225,000 to various charities.


PNG celebrated its 60th year – marking the company’s long history in the industry and solidifying its reputation as a steady and reliable firm. The ESOP trust exceeds $30 million dollars in value. To celebrate, employees and their plus one enjoy a two day stay at a Southern California beach front hotel.


After 20 years, the company refreshes its branding with a new logo. Keeping what works and changing what doesn’t, PNG maintained the square shape of their previous logo design, while updating from a neutral olive green to a more vibrant, jade green. The new logo displays their modern view that is reflected in the company’s operations and culture; and the logo’s simple, clear design reflects the client experience – straightforward and uncomplicated service. The marriage of the company’s successful past, present and future is brought together in the consistency of the logo’s square shape.


ENR honored PNG Builders with Best Project of the Year in California. AES Alamitos 100MW BESS (battery energy storage system) was recognized as a first-of-its-kind ground-up construction project allowing California to set aside renewable energy during peak hours, reducing the reliance on fossil fuels.