Being "Employee Owned"

PNG Builders proudly offers an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Our qualifying team members are awarded stocks in the company, meaning we all participate in the ownership and success of PNG Builders. Ownership grants the unique opportunity to contribute and benefit from a portion of the company’s profit at every level.

A Culture of Ownership

As employee owners, we are encouraged to think, act, and perform like owners. We all have a vested interest to continuously work to improve our company operations and processes in meaningful ways. Ownership makes us mindful of the decisions we make every day and motivates us to employ other “A” players that can share in our responsibilities and goals. As employee owners, we know that investing and empowering our team is how we grow.
Ownership also makes us strive for 100% customer satisfaction with project completions that are on time and on budget. Our projects’ success is dependent on everyone on our team and ownership ensures that we’re all paddling in the same direction.

Taking Stock of Our Success

All employee owners are kept abreast on key company metrics with quarterly updates. Our stocks are evaluated every year by independent accountants and the value of the stocks are distributed amongst all active ESOP participants. Employee ownership builds community wealth and rewards lasting commitments from our team members.

Our employee owners’ vested interest to grow our business has allowed PNG Builders’ value to increase at a highly competitive rate over the last decade – take a look.

Planning for the Future

Similar to 401(k) plans, Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) allow our team members an additional way to plan for retirement. At PNG Builders, we offer both options!Employee ownership provides the unique opportunity to invest your skillset, have a personal stake in the business, and reap the benefits when our business grows. Our executives empower our team members and work hard to help the next generation of leadership flourish, which is win-win for all involved.

Invested Performance

Being an employee-owned company does more than set our team members up for wealth accumulation. The impact of the ESOP touches every part of the company. With an invested team, we’re able to offer the highest quality of service and commitment to our clients and partners. Everyday when our teams come to work, they’re thinking like owners, and they’re taking ownership of their own prosperity and the financial success of their teammates by performing to the highest quality standards. At PNG, we strive to do what’s best for our employees and our clients.