Project Update | Armenian American Museum

PROJECT UPDATE | Phase 1 milestone completed! It was a perfect day for a slab-on-grade concrete pour at the future site of the Armenian American Museum in Glendale, California. This Phase 1 Concrete Pour milestone consisted of 500 cubic yards of concrete – 53 trucks worth.


The boom used on-site spanned an impressive 63 meters. All concrete columns are in, shotcrete walls are up, as well as CMU structural walls are in place for future elevators/stairwells.


Phase 2 of the pour will be completed in the coming weeks, and crews will mobilize to commence to the next stage of shoring and forming for the museum deck.


Thank you to our amazing client, Armenian American Museum, for entrusting this special project with PNG Builders, and a huge thank you to Klorman Construction for performing concrete!

OneLegacy's Donate Life Run/Walk Event

PNG had a great time at OneLegacy's Donate Life Run/Walk marathon last weekend. This annual event celebrates the gift of life from donors and their families to grateful recipients. PNG is honored to partner with and support such great clients!