Both PNG and PSI sell 100% of company ownership to American Business Group (ABG) – a 100% Employee Owned Trust. ABG would serve as the parent company for both PNG and PSI.


PNG completes the complete refurbishment of the interior of High Bay 2 in Building 179 at JPL. The space is rated as a Class 100 Clean Room, displaying the high level of complexity and technical capabilities of PNG in executing contracts to the clients requirements and protocols.


Following Lee Darling’s retirement, Art Boren leads as president with Steve Mathison and Ciaran Barry as Vice Presidents.


Parsons Lobby Remodel – Rudy Goldhaber, Jon Miasnik, Bob Wright


Irwindale Headquarters As the company continues to expand, PNG moves to its current location in Irwindale.


Employees at the Open House event to celebrate the new building location in Irwindale.


Combined company revenues exceed $100M for the first time, and a upon popular demand, a new logo rolls out for PNG.