Director of Human Resources

Susan Proctor

Susan likes to say that she fell into human resources. After serving eight years in the Army Reserves as a psychiatric specialist, Susan started looking to build her work experience through temporary placements and discovered that human resources happened to be a perfect fit for her! After starting in the benefits department at a major health-care company, Susan found her way to the construction industry as an administrative assistant at a national materials producer and distributor.

After a company-wide reorganization, Susan took the initiative to propose a training department for the newly restructured company. Her idea was green-lighted, and Susan became the developer and administrator of a training department that would grow to oversee the education of employees in Northern and Southern California, Nevada and New Mexico.

After establishing the success of her department, Susan left the materials company to raise her children. During this time, she maintained an active membership with the Society for Human Resources (SHRM) and received her certification in Human Resources Management.

Susan joined PNG Builders in 2015 as an HR Coordinator and became Senior Human Resources Manager in 2019. Susan feels that she found her home when she found PNG. What she most appreciates is that employees are able to own their positions—metaphorically and literally. She also appreciates that the leadership at PNG works to facilitate employees’ visions and goals. As an ESOP, PNG is owned by its employees, giving every member of the team a sense of responsibility and buy-in.

Susan is also a prolific painter. Her oil landscapes have been featured in an art gallery, and she continues to pursue this passion. She also loves to salsa dance and attends weekly classes! Susan lives in Pasadena, CA with her family. Susan’s children are her greatest joy, and she particularly loves their witty humor. Her children sometimes lovingly complain that she’s too honest, but Susan takes pride in the fact that with her you will always get the truth.