Vice President

Michelle Orr McNeal

Michelle has worked in construction accounting for more than 35 years. Michelle grew up around number-crunching: Her mother was an accountant, who Michelle describes as being “incredible with numbers.” Michelle discovered her own interest in statistics and calculus while enrolled at Citrus College in California. After receiving her Associate Degree in Art, Michelle went on to California Polytechnic State University to complete her Bachelor’s Degree.

Around the age of twenty, Michelle was introduced to residential construction accounting when she joined a high-end real estate firm. She then moved to Pacific Building Interiors (PBI)—the predecessor to PNG Builders—as an accounts payable clerk. She has remained with the company ever since; her hard work and diligence have been acknowledged, first by becoming an accounting manager and then by stepping into the position of Vice President.

Michelle is an active member of the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA). The world of finance—and construction finance in particular—is continuously growing in complexity with laws and standards changing regularly. Michelle’s focus, dedication, and regular participation with CFMA help her stay at the top of her game.

Since joining the company, Michelle has helped her department grow and strengthen. Each member of the accounting team is cross-trained, and Michelle leads the accounting and payroll Vital Factor Team (VFT) and offers her knowledge as a resource through training and education.

Michelle also helped the company shape its future by introducing the team to the “canoe theory.” This idea has become a central theme for PNG, especially since becoming an ESOP. The canoe theory is so critical to PNG that there’s a canoe hanging in the conference room!

In her free time, Michelle enjoys reading fiction and non-fiction as well as working on all types of puzzles. She lives in Glendora, CA with her husband, her two dogs Slater and Dakota, and two rescue cats. She also has three adult children. Michelle and her family love to explore, especially traveling in their motorhome to sunny beaches and to see the ocean. Michelle believes that anyone can achieve their goals. There will be obstacles, but if you climb back up, and don’t give up, you can be a success.