Vice President

Louie Garcia

Louie Garcia is a dedicated member of the PNG Builders family and has been with the company since he was eighteen years old. Louie graduated high school in 1992, and in ’93 he was introduced to the company—then named PBI—through the Mexican-American Opportunity Foundation. Louie recalls the day he was hired: He and a cousin were directed to the company under a misunderstanding that they would be interviewing with a bank. Imagine their surprise when PBI turned out to be in construction—and imagine the overseer’s surprise when two young men showed up in their suits and ties ready to work!  To Louie a job was a job, and he signed on that day as a truck driver for the company.

Louie spent a year as a driver before becoming a carpenter’s apprentice. In the following years, he worked his way up in the company as a journeyman, then superintendent, project manager, project executive, and ultimately Vice President.

Along the way, Louie has built in-depth relationships with the company’s clients. He is proud to have helped the company grow, particularly strengthening their business in the healthcare sector. He is grateful to be part of a skilled and successful team, where members share in each others’ successes and those of the company.

In his work, Louie focuses on being fair and respectful above all else. He enjoys working on a team, offering support and guidance to his colleagues, and he finds joy in educating and uplifting more junior employees.

Louie currently lives in Whittier, California with his wife Patty, whom he met on New Year’s Day in 2000. He also has two daughters, Samantha and Elena. He is extremely proud of their accomplishments: Samantha is a cello player and honors students, and Elena plays the violin and receives straight-A’s. In their free time, the Garcia family likes to go on large family trips, taking the entire extended family to enjoy sunny beaches; they also enjoy volunteering at the local food bank together. Louie is a self-identified “sports guy,” he loves going to games and supporting his LA teams; he also enjoys riding his Harley Davidson and taking some time out of his busy schedule to practice his golf swing.

Louie has continued to develop his expertise over the course of his professional career, achieving a number of union certifications. He is grateful to have found a company where he could develop and thrive, and where he has been able to put down roots and grow a family.