Steve Mathison


Steve Mathison

Steve Mathison knew from an early age that he wanted to be in construction. As a young man doing odd jobs around the house and for friends and neighbors, Steve appreciated the work as challenging and rewarding. After graduating from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, where he met his wife Kris, Steve jumped head-first into the industry.  Steve recalls looking around at his project sites and asking himself, “What do I have to do to be the boss?”

Starting as a project engineer, Steve’s career continued upward, and he joined the PNG Builders team as a project manager in 1993. In 2000, he purchased his first shares in the company, becoming a Junior Owner. By 2010, when PNG was becoming an ESOP, Steve was working as Vice President and was intimately involved in the transition of the company. And on January 1st, 2016, Steve Mathison became President of PNG, following the previous president’s retirement.
Steve accredits his success to his dedication and tenacity. He’s driven by the idea to consistently keep trying, and wants to always be able to say that no one tries harder. He applies this to PNG’s drive as a company, too—that clients will not find another contractor that will work harder to meet their clients’ needs.

Steve also views relationship building as critical to both one’s personal and professional success. He’s worked with some of the same companies for over 30 years, turning clients into life-long friends.

In his free time, Steve prioritizes spending time with his family. Steve, his wife, and their two adult children enjoy family ski trips and boating. Staying active and healthy living are central to Steve’s outlook. He currently resides in Arcadia with his wife Kris; they are the proud owners of a large tortoise named Spike, and they care for a neighborhood stray cat nicknamed Greybeard.
Steve is proud to be part of PNG’s upstanding legacy and its bright future. PNG has evolved and adapted to decades of changes in the industry and has assembled an inspiring and highly qualified team that will lead it into a successful future.

Picasso Bhowmik

Vice President

Picasso Bhowmik

Growing up, Picasso was inspired by the beauty, balance and longevity of great architecture. He wanted to be an architect. He grew up taking art and drafting classes at the behest of his art-loving father, and ultimately Picasso received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Madras University, where he also met his wife Angie. They moved to the United States after graduation, where Picasso attended the University of California, Berkeley as a student in the master’s program. However, Picasso soon found that architects play little to no role in the construction of their designs in the US. As he says, in architecture one designs a building, but in construction one designs the process. Picasso realized quickly that the part of design that interested him was the development, and he joined the Engineering program at Berkeley, receiving a Masters of Science and Engineering.

Upon completion of his master’s degree, Picasso joined a large construction firm as a junior project engineer. He stayed with the company for twelve years, working his way up to become a principal with the firm. Then, in 2018, Picasso signed on at PNG Builders as Vice President. He has since also become a member of the Board of Directors.

Picasso continues his professional development by maintaining membership in a number of industry organizations including the Design Build Institute of America (DBIA), the Lean Construction Institute (LCI), and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). He also has his contractor’s license, is a DBIA certificate holder, and is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professional.

Picasso also takes time to enjoy his hobbies, as well as spending time with his wife and two young children. The family spends time together camping and hiking; and lately, the family has all taken up golfing. Picasso also describes himself as a “movie buff.” Although he and his wife can no longer visit the movie theater a few times each week like they used to, since having children Picasso has installed a home theater for the family to enjoy together—and he still keeps up with all the new releases.

Picasso is proud of his personal and professional successes as a first-generation immigrant. He is grateful to have found his place and to have been able to develop a thriving career and to grow a family. He enjoys sharing his career interests with his wife who is also a construction-sector professional.

Vince Arriola

Vice President

Vince Arriola

Vince has been with the PNG Builders family for the entirety of his professional career. He started as a carpenter’s apprentice and truck driver in 1994, becoming a union carpenter journeyman and foreman, followed by PNG project superintendent, then senior project superintendent, where he remained for over a decade. Although Vince was offered many opportunities for advancement during this time, he chose to stay in the field and to have a more balanced work-life environment, as he prioritized time with his growing family and his continued ability to stay active with his young children’s endeavors.

As his children grew more independent, Vince decided—upon family consultation—that it was time to accept the challenge of promotion. In 2015, Vince became a project and account manager at one of PNG’s highest profile clients, after which he and his team exponentially grew the work volume, and Vince was soon recognized for his diligent client relations, financial success, and leadership. Vince quickly ascended to senior project manager, then a promotion to his current roll as company executive. He also serves on the company Board of Directors and the Executive VFT.

Vince credits his success to his desire for leaderships responsibilities, as well as his hard work, dedication, drive for excellence, the mentorship received over his career, and his love of collaborating with staff, clients, subs, and design teams. He is grateful to have developed professionally at a company like PNG Builders, where team members are afforded the opportunity, latitude and training to grow. Vince’s personal motto and team-culture goal is inspired by Henry Ford: “coming together, working together, succeeding together.”

Vince is an avid sportsman and community service activist; he volunteered as a Little League head coach for almost two decades. He served eight years as president and chairman of the board of Claremont All American Football, and was recognized by the City of Claremont for his service and leadership.

In his free time, Vince loves to travel. New Orleans, New York, Maryland, Memphis and San Francisco are some of his family’s favorite US destinations. Vince is also into all things cars and music. He enjoys working on his hot rods and going on drives and road trips–especially if those trips end at a Dodgers, Lakers, or UCLA football game, or a concert, festival or river rafting trip. Vince is also a former DJ, and still enjoys mixing it up (on vinyl, of course). He resides in Claremont, CA with his wife Terri Ann. They have four children: Jessica, Vincent Jr, Cameron, and Ethan.

David Pulley

Chief Estimator

David Pulley

David likes to say that he was born into construction. With his father a General Contractor, David grew up in an ongoing construction project and started helping out on job sites at the age of ten. By twelve, David was running the saw, and he learned a great deal about how things get put together in those early years. In high school David took drafting classes and interned with an architectural firm. After realizing that architecture wasn’t for him, David looked around in other industries, until he found himself inadvertently supervising the construction of his family’s new home. While working and going to school, David also oversaw every level of the home’s development. This experience was a turning point for David, and his future career became clear.

After managing his family’s construction, David joined his father’s company running everything from payroll to estimations, as well as performing hands-on work at the job sites. During this time, he also participated in a national student competition where his team won first place. Although the competition left him hospitalized with the flu, David’s success drew the attention of a large construction firm, and he ultimately and successfully negotiated for an internship right from his hospital bed!

Seven weeks into his internship, David was invited to join the company full-time as a junior estimator, where he remained for the next four years. Following that, he became an estimator, then senior estimator at another contractor before joining PNG Builders as Chief Estimator in 2015.

David feels that he couldn’t be happier now that he’s landed at PNG. He is committed to his team and is grateful for leadership that supports new endeavors and big ideas. He’s proud to be part of a company family that brings together a diversity of strengths and backgrounds. David views himself as the realist of the team, though he also strives to bring humor and fun to the work he does. His priority is looking out for everyone else’s best interests.

David is passionate about his family. He resides in Santa Fe Springs with his wife, son, and daughter, as well as their two dogs. In his free time, David enjoys traveling with his family, ensuring that his children experience a wide variety of cultures and ways of living. The Pulley family has travelled to fourteen countries and counting, where they enjoy doing service projects and other philanthropic work.

Susan Proctor

Director of Human Resources

Susan Proctor

Susan likes to say that she fell into human resources. After serving eight years in the Army Reserves as a psychiatric specialist, Susan started looking to build her work experience through temporary placements and discovered that human resources happened to be a perfect fit for her! After starting in the benefits department at a major health-care company, Susan found her way to the construction industry as an administrative assistant at a national materials producer and distributor.

After a company-wide reorganization, Susan took the initiative to propose a training department for the newly restructured company. Her idea was green-lighted, and Susan became the developer and administrator of a training department that would grow to oversee the education of employees in Northern and Southern California, Nevada and New Mexico.

After establishing the success of her department, Susan left the materials company to raise her children. During this time, she maintained an active membership with the Society for Human Resources (SHRM) and received her certification in Human Resources Management.

Susan joined PNG Builders in 2015 as an HR Coordinator and became Senior Human Resources Manager in 2019. Susan feels that she found her home when she found PNG. What she most appreciates is that employees are able to own their positions—metaphorically and literally. She also appreciates that the leadership at PNG works to facilitate employees’ visions and goals. As an ESOP, PNG is owned by its employees, giving every member of the team a sense of responsibility and buy-in.

Susan is also a prolific painter. Her oil landscapes have been featured in an art gallery, and she continues to pursue this passion. She also loves to salsa dance and attends weekly classes! Susan lives in Pasadena, CA with her family. Susan’s children are her greatest joy, and she particularly loves their witty humor. Her children sometimes lovingly complain that she’s too honest, but Susan takes pride in the fact that with her you will always get the truth.

Anthony Calderon

Director of Safety

Anthony Calderon

Anthony Calderon has worked in the construction industry for over 25 years. A newer addition to PNG, Anthony brings decades of experience and know-how to the office of Director of Safety. With beginnings as a fork-lift operator, Anthony has worked diligently to move through the ranks to his current role.

Anthony Calderon first became interested in safety in 1994 while working for a chemical company. He joined the company’s safety committee team and discovered the vast potential for helping others inherent in safety work. Since then he’s been a safety coordinator, supervisor, manager, regional management director, and area operations manager. Now, as Director of Safety, Anthony oversees more than 30 branch managers.

In all aspects of his life, Anthony is committed to helping others. On the job, he utilizes his experiences in the field to make him a better Director of Safety and to understand the needs of the workers he’s tasked to protect. Anthony also helps others in his free time by offering lectures and lessons at his church and through youth outreaches. He informs on topics including life, life values, hardship, family matters, and having a positive outlook on life.

Speaking of positive outlooks, Anthony focuses on making the most of each day, and works diligently to make this a reality not only for himself but also the young people he mentors in and outside the industry. He encourages everyone to find the positive in each day, and he accredits this outlook with his personal success.

Anthony focuses on passion over payouts—and loves working for a company like PNG that shares his values. When he’s not working or educating, Anthony enjoys fishing and traveling with his family. He resides in Riverside, CA. He has two children, Amberly and Andrew, one grand-baby, Dreas and one daughter in law Alyssa. Anthony is very proud of his children, and sees their independence and ability to conquer any obstacle as one of his greatest personal accomplishments.

Lisa Smith

Marketing Manager

Lisa Smith

From an early age, Lisa always enjoyed art, drawing and painting. It was her goal to find a career where she could do what she loved and get paid for it. “If you love what you do, is it really work?” Pursuing her passion to use her creative skills, she graduated with a degree in graphic design from California State Polytechnic University. Shortly after, Lisa signed on with an advertising agency in Orange County where she had the opportunity to create a wide variety of marketing and publication materials for a diverse portfolio of clients. After four years at the agency, Lisa received an opportunity to join the construction industry. She worked as part of the sales and marketing team for a general contractor before her transition to PNG Builders, where Lisa started as the Marketing Coordinator. Here at PNG she established the marketing database as a foundation for a marketing department, produced proposal and pre-qualification submittals, as well as coordinated company-wide events. In 2019 she was promoted to Senior Marketing Coordinator where she was charged with the complete rebranding of the 60 year old company. In addition, she also sits on the Board of Directors for SMPS (Society for Marketing Professional Services) Orange County as Sponsorship Director.

Lisa’s addition to the PNG team marked a turning point in the company’s marketing and outreach strategies. Lisa sees her role in establishing the department as one of her greatest professional accomplishments. She highlights the exciting challenge it is to develop marketing resources and winning proposals while also moving the company’s vision and goals forward.

Most of all, though, Lisa feels rewarded that she has had the opportunity to highlight the people she works with: “The talent and dedication I find in the company amazes me,” she says. She has been proud to have the opportunity to lead the company’s Marketing and Event VFTs (Vital Factor Teams), as well as participate as a member of the Best Place to Work VFT.

Lisa believes in working hard and playing hard. In her time off, she enjoys camping, hiking, and rock climbing, as well as going on family adventures with her husband and two young children. Lisa is also an avid gardener. For Lisa, being at PNG has given her the opportunity to truly “have it all.” Because of the company’s commitment to its people and the countless opportunities it provides, Lisa is able to prioritize her family while having a fulfilling career. She is thankful to be at a company that is as fair, transparent, and open as PNG.